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Swan Lake

Swan Lake "is a story of sublime love, devilish temptations, terrible betrayal, the struggle of good and evil. The plot is based on the old German legend of a beautiful girl turned into a white swan.


The Swan lake

The ballet Swan lake is the story of sublime love, the devil's temptations, terrible betrayal, struggle between good and evil. The plot is based on the ancient German legend about a beautiful girl turned into a white Swan.



Like many great works of classical culture the ballet Giselle owes its appearance to the history of love. Giselle was created for a famous ballerina Carlotta Grisi. Libretto was written by Théophile Gautier and choreographer Jules Perrot were in love with this beautiful dancer. That is why the ballet surviving many interpretations and different productions still touches and excites the viewer.

The plot of the ballet Giselle, of course, about love. It is a romantic story about a simple village girl and noble young man. It has everything - the betrayal, unrequited passion, dedication and remorse.




Silva was, is and always will be the number one operetta. Its inspiring melodies tell about all-conquering power of love which is not afraid of any obstacles.
Silva is the most famous work of Imre Kalman.
Imagine cabaret Orpheum... Silva and Edwin von Veglerskheym. They love each other and that's a wedding behind the scenes. Prince marries simple canary! But, it's a scandal... Intervention of highborn parents leeds to the gap... But a happy ending after all... True love is able to destroy all obstacles!


The Great Waltz

Operetta is amazing, surprising, captivating. Operetta is a fairy tale. And the best possible way these all is shown in The Great Waltz.
So the main hero of The Great Waltz ran away from his wife 20 years ago. And it happens to meet her after so many years and not recognizing her! So the stranger has captivated his heart, and he was close to getting to abdicate and refuse from his position and status ... You wonder what the outcome of the tale ?! Then come to the odeum.


Graf von Luxemburg

There is a carnival in Paris. Artists, models, actors - in short the Bohemians are having fun at the carnival. And never mind that there is not a penny if the soul sings. But one of them who got caught up in debt - the artist named Rene or Graf von Luxemburg has been promised half a million francs! But to obtain them he must marry (and the bride will be hidden from him by a screen) and then divorce. And the divorced woman, already with the status of Countess will marry another man, the Prince who conceived the whole plan. Only love can violate such an exact calculation...


The beauties of Cabaret

They can be admired, they can be angry, but neither one nor the other will not help to shed true light on this wonderful phenomenon as the beauties of cabaret. And you know how to this phenomenon should be treated? You just have to be loved!

Now you understand what the composer Imre Kálmán was doomed, having met a unique woman Vera Makinskiy on his way who with time became not only his wife but his Muse and turned his life into music and operetta. This is one of the most touching of his operettas, funny and rather naive, full of joy and tears, fear and anxiety.

Beauties of Cabaret is a hymn to the woman...


Tales of the Vienna woods

Vienna Woods ... Amazing magical place on earth where everything is permeated with music by Strauss, inhabited by the characters of his famous operettas, where you can meet Die Fledermaus and The Gypsy Baron, where the rustling of leaves and the chirping of birds born The Great Waltz.



The most touching, the most tender, full of romance stories are at the heart of classic operettas. And when they are full of exoticism and adventure, humor and fun then they are simply irresistible. All these qualities in full measure has a performance of Bayadere by Imre Kalman. It is unique in the fact that everything in it is traditionally and yet unusual.
If you want to get a lot of fun see the classic play of Bayadere!


The Gypsy Baron

Operetta The Gypsy Baron is a great musical comedy by the Austrian composer Johann Strauss (son). He wanted to compose an operetta at the national Hungarian plot with Magyar folk music.
The main theme of the operetta is the theme of human dignity and all-conquering love, national pride and desire for freedom.
The premiere of this operetta had held in Vienna's Theater An der Wien in November 24, 1885. And since that times it has a worldwide success.


Marina Devyatova

Marina Devyatova is a representative of the true Russian folk culture. Her work is marked by sincerity and warmth. In the folk songs Russian people for centuries have expressed their thoughts, attitudes, traditions, describing important historical events, life and morals.

Marina Devyatova is the owner of a classical music education, a graduate of the Gnesin Academy, singer of folk songs and romances. In addition, Marina is the Ambassador of the Russian culture in the world, Winner of numerous International Festivals and Competitions, including Slavianski Bazaar.

Every perfomance by Marina is a celebration...


Riccardo Fogli

Melodic and gentle songs by Riccardo Fogli wins the hearts of grateful listeners, encouraging to feel happy or sad, to dream and dance. Unsurpassed manner of execution delights fans of Riccardo Fogli with the special masculine charm. The inexhaustible love of music, beauty, women and life constantly nourishes the creative power of a talented performer and composer. Such compositions as Sulla Buona Strada, Storie di Tutti i Giorni and Quando Nascero Di Nuovo are recognized as masterpieces of the world's stage.



Musical performance and farce in 2 parts based on works of famous Russian authors N. Leskov and E. Zamyatin. The performance is given into the hands of young actors who gated to work with passion play several roles and just having fun. Everything is deliberately exaggerated here and brought to a grotesque absurdity. A flea in a silver sequin danced the cancan in variety, Cossacks with the dimensionless mustache rides children's horses and the Queen busily steep and desperately warlike as the commander!


Bewitched princess

The Bewitched princess is a musical performance in one act based on Hans Christian Andersen fairy-tale directed by the Moscow Operetta Theater.
Of course, in the real life there is no fairy knights, evil witches, court jesters... But such characters and situations are very common!



Each story ever coming to an end but not this! Since 1972 a novel of a young American writer Cliff Bradshaw and singer from Berlin cabaret Kit Kat Club Sally Bowles has not left one indifferent heart. And right after that there had appeared the legendary musical film Cabaret directed by Bob Fosse with Joel Grey and incomparable Liza Minnelli starring. This film got 8 Oscars, 3 Golden globes, 4 awards of the National Board of review in the USA.

Leave all the problems there, behind the door. Here, in Cabaret, you have no problems. Here life is beautiful. The girls are beautiful. The music is beautiful!!! Here...


Romeo and Juliet

The legendary musical Romeo and Juliet is a classic love story full of modern choreography, stunning special effects and more than thirty arias some of which conquered the top of the European charts.
Live sound, heartfelt acting, beautiful costumes, original decorations - all this will help the audience to get immense pleasure and an unforgettable experience. No one will remain indifferent!


The Three Musketeers

Musical Three Musketeers is a mischievous, dynamic and spectacular show for the whole family with all your favorite songs on poems by Maxim Dunayevsky, Mark Rozovsky and Yuri Ryashentsev. Live vocals and breathtaking battles with swords and tricks, and hot dances, heartfelt dramatic episodes. The Three Musketeers is a story about friendship, love and, of course, the honor!