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Each story ever coming to an end but not this! Since 1972 a novel of a young American writer Cliff Bradshaw and singer from Berlin cabaret Kit Kat Club Sally Bowles has not left one indifferent heart. And right after that there had appeared the legendary musical film Cabaret directed by Bob Fosse with Joel Grey and incomparable Liza Minnelli starring. This film got 8 Oscars, 3 Golden globes, 4 awards of the National Board of review in the USA.

Leave all the problems there, behind the door. Here, in Cabaret, you have no problems. Here life is beautiful. The girls are beautiful. The music is beautiful!!! Here all night without getting tired orchestra plays here the champagne flows like water, there is always a celebration and fun! And only here for you, sings the incomparable Sally Bowles!...

This story is about how incredibly difficult it is to maintain the fragile happiness, the price for the opportunity to do what under the dictatorship, ruined hopes, in the end, about how difficult it was to live during the time of fascism, to live in constant anxiety.

Berlin cabaret Kit Kat Clu" and to this day opens its doors to the audience:
"If your evening alone again-
Holiday find more soon.
Life is a cabaret, my friend.
Life is a cabaret!
To hell cares. Any of them good?
His heart warm.
Life is a cabaret, my friend.
Waiting for you at the cabaret!"